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In-City Participants for Poster Presentation

Urbi Datta

Elaborating ideas related to probability distributions using software R.

Probability distributions play a major role in science and engineering applications in various domains. Prior knowledge of probability distributions and density functions is mandatory to get deeper insights into any data-driven studies. In undergraduate studies of science and engineering curriculum, these concepts are usually introduced as mathematical functions and their properties are investigated from a purely mathematical perspective. The statistical idea which connects the data to these mathematical functions is often missing. Moreover, handling of real data is challenging at an undergraduate level. In the quest of finding ways to visualize the concepts in a concrete manner, we propose a simulation-based approach to demonstrate different theorems in Statistics. With the growing use of software like R and Python, such experiments can be carried out easily having only minimal programming knowledge. In this poster, I shall utilize the software R to visually aid the concepts related to probability distributions and convergences in probability. The demonstration includes a pictorial understanding of the "Weak Law of Large Numbers" and the "Central Limit Theorem". 

Radha Sonavadekar

Estimation of Boiling Points of Saturated Hydrocarbons using Regression Analysis.

Almost all the things in our daily life are made up of chemical compounds and the basic properties of all these compounds is their boiling points. Many compounds are very costly and scarce too. To get the boiling point of saturated hydrocarbons theoretically is very important, since we can do the experiments using minimal amount of chemical compounds, there is saving of time and it would be economically beneficial. Also we can calculate the boiling point of those compounds whose boiling point cannot be calculate at ordinary temperature. Hence I proposed a method using "Regression Analysis" and some concepts of "Graph Theory".  

Outstation Participants for Poster Presentation

Dr. Ritu Agarwal

Bicomplex integral transform and applications

Aparna Chaturvedi

Generalized Hermite- based Apostol- Euler polynomials and their properties

In the present work, we have studied certain properties of generalized Apostol-Hermite-Euler polynomials with three parameters and degree p. We have shown that there is an intimate connection between these polynomials and also have obtained some identities by applying the generating functions. Key words: Euler numbers, Euler polynomials, Apostol- Euler numbers, Apostol- Euler polynomials, Apostol-Hermite- Euler polynomials and generating functions.

Amita Soni

Existence and multiplicity of solutions of certain elliptic PDES.

The poster exhibits a set of problems on elliptic PDEs. The work presented here includes results on existence and multiplicity of solutions of problems having elliptic operators of local/non local type and operators of variable exponents all of which includes power nonlinearities of the critical/noncritical type and/or measure data.

Neha Malik

Post-quantum variant of Baskakov operators

The (p,q)-analogue of Baskakov operators are proposed and some approximation properties are studied. Firstly, moments are estimated and then direct results in terms of modulus of continuity of first and second order using K-functional are established.Convergence of these operators are graphically represented using MATLAB.

Deepshikha Chatterjee

Frattini-free Groups of cube-free order

The poster will show how to construct all Frattini-free groups upto isomorphism of cube-free order using Gaschutz theorem. Our aim is to write an algorithm and implement it using GAP.   


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